Everyday Cycles 

website, logo, branding

Designed in collaboration
with Farbod Kokabi

Everyday Cycles and Motion is a bike shop just outside of Chicago. Their goal is to get more people moving through bikes, and they wanted their logo and website to reflect that mission.

They hired my friend and talented designer behind Geographic North, Farbod Kokabi, to help them come up with an identity and website to launch their shop. Farbod asked me to help out with the logo mark and designing the pages for their site. 


The mark we created is a pair of abstract, yet friendly bike gears that we felt had a dynamic motion and balance. We paired this with a minimal geometric typeface designed by Wilhelm Pischner, Grotesk S H, and a simple color palette of white, black, teal and orange.

We then designed a fully responsive website with an online shopping experience that showcased all the bikes and gear Everyday Bikes offers, as well as highlighted their personal expertise and knowledge about commuting and bike maintenance.