368 NYC

Brand system, Identity

368 is a collaborative community space in NYC founded by Casey Neistat. With the goal of helping content creators at it’s core, 368 needed a clear brand system that paired well with other collaborator’s branding.

Out of 12,000+ applicants, I was selected to participate in creating a logo for the space and be a part of making this video.

My initial ideas and logo sketches were based on the idea of creating a custom typeface based on the marquee sign that is just inside the entrance to 368. 


Casey didn’t love this idea, so I simplified my design direction and went with a system based on red and Helvetica Neue. The choice of red as a color was based on the consistent presence of it throughout the 368 space. Helvetica Neue is a nod to the extreme utility and speed in which 368 and Casey operate. 

Thanks to the team at 368 for working with me on this project. 

I also enjoyed meeting and working alongside:

Max Joseph (director) 
Joe Gonzales (videographer) 
Katelyn Kemble (photographer)